Interview-Winning Career Services


While most of our services are listed on this page, we have found that clients have the most success selecting from our pages dedicated to their current stage in the career journey.

Early Career
and Internships

Great for internships and your first few jobs out of school.

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Trades and
Service Industry

Perfect for 3-5+ years in the trades or service industry.

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Ideal for candidates with 5+ years experience in corporate roles.

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Executive and
Senior Leadership

Ideal for Director, Vice President, and CxO candidates.

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Career Advancement Packages

Our most successful candidates focus on their entire brand: resume, digital presence,  interviewing, and offer negotiation.

These packages offer from over $75 to more than $250 in savings, and provide your best chance to secure your next dream job.

Early Career

Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, and interview coaching

Ideal for Internships and New Job Seekers

$179 x 3 pmts

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Services / Trades

Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, and interview coaching

Ideal for Trades Experts and Service Professionals

$199 x 3 pmts

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Mid-Career Pro

Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, and interview coaching

Ideal for corporate pros with 5+ yrs experience

$249 x 3 pmts

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Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, multi-session coaching

Ideal for Director+ and CxO candidates

$579 x 3 pmts

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Professionally Written Resumes

The modern resume is no longer a reverse chronological list of all of your experience. It is a marketing document with carefully curated information that tells your next employer how you can immediately add value using evidence from your professional history.

Our certified Career Experts will craft a highly impactful resume that is ATS (screening software) optimized, recruiter-friendly, and helps hiring managers visualize how you will use your transferrable skills to hit the ground running.


Focused on education, certifications, and volunteerism.
(1 page max)

Ideal for Internships and New Job Seekers

$119 x 2 pmts

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Resume +

Focused on work experience and scope of responsibility.
(1 page max)

Ideal for Service Industry and the Trades

$149 x 2 pmts

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Pro Resume

Focused on outcomes generated and span of control/mgmt.
(2 page max)

For corporate pros with 5+ yrs experience

$249 x 2 pmts

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Executive Resume

Focused on influence, scope, impact, and outcomes.
(3 page max)

For Director+ (includes cover letter template)

$399 x 3 pmts

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Resume Reviews

Just want an opinion on your current resume?  We understand.

Our resume review products make sure you get our best advice without trying to sell you more services.

Expert Resume Review

Feedback and recommendations from an industry-certified Expert.

Ideal for non-executives


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Executive Resume Review

Focused on work experience and scope of responsibility.

Ideal for executives (Director +)


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Cover Letters

While we do not offer stand-alone cover letter service, we do offer a matching cover letter template add-on to our resume products (offered at checkout.) It is also included in all of our career packages as well as our standalone Executive resume.

Career Packages
Resume Solutions

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Hire our certified professionals to ensure your LinkedIn profile makes an impression! We evaluate and update things like: headline and job titles; skills, education, and certifications; awards, organizations, and groups; recruiter preferences, and much more!

This ensures the LinkedIn Recruiter algorithm picks you out of the 875 million users for the opportunities you are seeking.

LinkedIn Profile

Search optimize your profile for recruiters (without making it look like you're looking for a job.)

Ideal for Early Career and Services/Trades

$75 x 2 pmts

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LinkedIn Profile +

Become a networking superstar and show up first for recruiters seeking your skillset.

Ideal for Mid Career Pros and Execs

$99 x 2 pmts

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Interview Coaching

The great news is that if you need interview coaching, you're ready to speak with recruiters, staffing managers, interview panels, and hiring managers.

Our accomplished team will help you understand what the interviewer really wants to know (depending on who they are) and also quickly understand and identify how to answer almost any question they throw at you.

Interview Practice Session

Our certified Experts will help you understand interview protocol  and provide a satisfying answer to nearly any interviewer.

Ideal for all non-Executives

$99 x 2 pmts

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Interview Practicum

An ideal solution for individuals who benefit from multiple practice sessions, role play, and negotiating offers with employers.

Ideal for Executives

$199 x 3 pmts

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One-On-One Coaching and Support

Start Again Without Starting Over.

S.O.A.R.™ to your full professional potential with our proven model

Our 4 step one-on-one coaching enables you to identify and land a job that provides a balanced life and professional satisfaction. Our industry-certified Experts will guide you through the process every step of the way, from defining your goals, creating your brand (including resume and LinkedIn), building and implementing your plan, and provide support as you continue in your job search.

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